CEIVA Energy unveils home energy management solution

San Antonio, January 24, 2012 — CEIVA Energy will demonstrate a new home energy management solution, the CEIVA Energy Display, for the first time at DistribuTECH 2012 in San Antonio (January 24-26).

CEIVA Energy was launched in 2011 by CEIVA Logic Inc., the inventor of the CEIVA frame, which is a plug-and-play connected digital picture frame that automatically displays photos sent from anywhere in the world.

The CEIVA Energy Display is a SEP 1.1 compliant, consumer-driven In-Home Display that leverages smart grid technology to send real-time energy usage and local utility information directly to consumers.

The CEIVA Energy Display features a network-agnostic built-in home gateway that simultaneously communicates on both the Home Area Network (HAN) and the consumers’ Local Area Network (LAN) to provide fast and accurate access to the home’s energy information to both consumers and utilities.

Since the CEIVA Energy Gateway is uniquely integrated into the CEIVA Energy Display, it requires no new hardware. Additionally, because it is cloud-based, it allows consumers to remotely control other SEP compliant devices, such as pool pumps, thermostats and refrigerators, via dedicated iOS and Android energy apps.

By enabling consumers to see exactly which appliances are draining their smart meters (and their wallet) anytime, anywhere, CEIVA Energy’s solution empowers them to take control of their energy consumption and change their behavior accordingly to save on their energy bills.

Currently being deployed by Glendale Water & Power, the CEIVA Energy Display integrates easily with all utility providers and meter vendors. A scalable cloud-based solution, it also minimizes hardware investment and can rapidly adjust to utilities’ evolving needs.

At DistribuTECH, attendees can see a live demo of the CEIVA Energy Display at CEIVA Logic’s booth #1537.

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