CPower joins with partners to expand demand response in Ontario

Ontario, September 22, 2010 — Erie Thames Powerlines, CPower, Inc., and Direct Energy Business, announced the recent enrollment of ETPL client, Ontario Refrigerated Services, Inc., into the Ontario Power Authority’s Demand Response 3 program.

The companies collaborated with the facility to successfully identify opportunities for participation in the program, which aims to reduce electricity usage for short periods in response to stress on the region’s electric grid. Through its participation in DR3, ORS will earn an additional revenue stream throughout the year.

ORS began its DR3 program participation on June 1, 2010 and has exceeded curtailment targets in all six DR3 events they have been called for so far this summer. During OPA-declared demand response events, ORS enacts its curtailment plan, which produces over 700 kW of electricity reduction from Ontario’s electricity grid.

In cooperation with ORS, the curtailment plan was developed by CPower and its partner, Ontario based Direct Energy Business. The plan was verified by live testing prior to final program enrollment.

“We are very excited to be able to partner with CPower/Direct Energy Business to bring this opportunity to Ontario Refrigerated Services and to contribute to OPA’s energy savings program,” said Chris White, President of Erie Thames Powerlines “This is a critical time for businesses to adopt DR initiatives and ORS is definitively taking the lead in the refrigerated services industry.”

Increased power demands, an aging electricity infrastructure, growing environmental concerns and the province’s goal of eliminating 6,000 MW of coal-generated electricity, have all contributed to the OPA’s commitment to a DR3 program to ensure a reliable and environmentally conscious electricity supply.

Program participants are paid an “Availability Payment” for their commitment to curtail and a “Utilization Payment” for their actual curtailment delivered during a demand response event. CPower and Direct Energy Business were awarded contracts by the OPA in 2008 to facilitate and manage client participation in the DR3 program.

Together, CPower and Direct Energy Business provide Ontario electricity customers with services for turnkey demand response program participation.

“We and our business partners are very excited to empower electricity management for Ontario Refrigerated Services to help ensure they earn market revenues for their participation,” said Gary Fromer, CEO of CPower. “These important initiatives are vital to the Ontario power market’s future and we look forward to working with Erie Thames Powerline and Direct Energy Business to help increase participation in the DR3 program.

“Through Erie Thames Powerline’s collaboration with CPower, one of the leading demand response specialists in North America, and Direct Energy Business, we hope to enhance ORS’s energy management strategies within their facilities, and earn payments from energy reductions.”

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