EcoFactor earns patent for energy management technology

Redwood City, Calif., December 13, 2010 — EcoFactor won a U.S. patent for its “System and Method for Calculating the Thermal Mass of a Building.”

The patent relates to EcoFactor’s approach to determining the performance characteristics of individual homes and their heating and cooling systems, simply by installing a communicating thermostat.

EcoFactor’s ability to understand how well building envelopes and heating and cooling systems perform is already making a real difference for users of the service. Wade Hyde of Fort Worth, Texas, had an ultra-high efficiency air conditioning system installed in his home a few years ago, and was sure he was already maximizing savings.

But EcoFactor let him know that there was a significant problem with his system by detecting what turned out to be major hidden defects in the ductwork. Without EcoFactor, Wade would have unknowingly continued to waste money and energy for years.

EcoFactor’s unique fault detection capabilities can find common smaller problems, too. In another customer’s home, the EcoFactor system recently flagged performance issues just a few weeks after the user’s service began. The problem was a dirty filter. Replacing it immediately cut his system’s energy use by at least 7-8 percent.

EcoFactor offers a SaaS-based residential energy management solution that works with two-way communicating thermostats and a broadband Internet connection to develop dynamic, customized heating and cooling strategies.

EcoFactor uses proprietary algorithms, which analyze and act upon thousands of data points to discover each home’s unique thermal makeup and deliver optimal HVAC management without requiring consumers to sacrifice control or comfort.

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