Energate deploys home energy and demand response solution in Ontario

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, September 2, 2010 — Energate entered into an agreement with the Ontario Power Authority to be a key delivery partner in the Ontario pilot deployment of residential and small commercial demand response solutions.

Energate is a provider of demand response and home energy management solutions for utilities and their customers.

“We are delighted to work with Energate’s team and advanced technology to manage demand and empower our customers”, said David Whitehouse, Customer Service Manager of Peterborough Utilities Group, “the use of innovative technologies allows our customers to reap energy-saving benefits while we shift peak demand to minimize the need for new generation capacity.”

The OPA foresees DR opportunities in Ontario and is working towards deploying a new province-wide demand response program in 2011.

Under the pilot agreement, Energate is providing a turnkey technology and implementation program for demand response solutions including communicating smart thermostats, load control switches on water heaters and pool pumps, in-home energy displays and a ZIP Connect gateway that establishes broadband control of the largest energy loads in the home.

In parallel, each of the local distribution companies participating in the pilots will leverage Energate’s software including its CORE device manager, Load Management System and Consumer Portal, all part of its Consumer Connected Demand Response platform.

The system allows the LDCs and Ontario’s Grid Managers to manage peak energy demand with advanced two-way communication providing real-time feedback and verification. In addition, Energate’s solution set communicates with the smart meters installed across Ontario homes, bringing real time energy consumption data to the consumer. 

With peak demand in Ontario projected to grow, an aging electricity infrastructure, and growing environmental concerns, the OPA is taking immediate action to ensure a reliable and environmentally conscious electricity supply.

Energate’s CCDR solution supports demand response programs and load control events as well as assisting the consumer in managing energy costs associated with time-of-use, critical peak pricing and real time pricing.



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