EnerNOC delivers demand response to 14 states

Boston, July 20, 2012 — EnerNOC’s DemandSMART network has been dispatched 32 times this week, providing real-time optimization of commercial and industrial electricity demand as the power grid across much of North America has felt the impact of high temperatures.

In total, EnerNOC has delivered demand response in 14 states, the District of Columbia, and Ontario, Canada during the week.

In Pennsylvania, multiple utilities dispatched their DemandSMART resources as part of their Act 129 portfolios. On July 18, real-time locational marginal pricing in PECO’s service territory spiked at nearly $260 per MWh, more than five times the average prices. Shortly after demand response resources were dispatched, prices returned to the $40-$50 range.

Additionally, EnerNOC demand response resources were dispatched in the Pacific Northwest to balance intermittency of wind power. As intermittent renewable power expands and is integrated into the grid, demand response provides power balancing and firming value to energy markets.

In total, EnerNOC dispatched over 1,100 MW of demand response capacity on Wednesday alone and about 3,000 MW during the week.

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