ETAP to build corporate campus microgrid

ETAP, a provider of software solutions for mission-critical electrical power infrastructure, is breaking ground on its own corporate campus microgrid in Irvine, California. ETAP will design, build, finance and manage its own corporate campus microgrid.

The completed microgrid is expected to generate 180 kW of electricity. It will save the company an estimated $40,000 to $50,000 per year in annual energy costs, while providing 12 car-charging stations for ETAP employees who drive electric vehicles.

The microgrid is scheduled to be deployed before the end of July, when ETAP hosts its annual, Global Partner Symposium for its technology and business development allies.

Once operational, the microgrid will be controlled by the company’s ETAP Real-Time software platform, which enables on-line monitoring, simulation and demand side management of smart grids and microgrids.

It will also monitor the building’s power consumption throughout the day, providing insights into ETAP’s energy usage patterns to help the company lower energy costs. Using this knowledge will allow the company to optimize when and how it uses electric power.

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