GE Lighting launches online tool to help commercial applications save money on energy

CLEVELAND, Ohio, November 21, 2001 – GE Lighting has launched a new easy-to-use online tool that can help businesses save significant money on one of their largest operating expenses – energy bills.

The new GE Lighting Auditor, called GELA calculates lighting usage, then reports out more energy-efficient options and how much the business can save. Three versions of GELA – one for businesses, homes and schools – are now available at

“Businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs and minimize their energy load,” said Joel Hutt, GE Lighting’s General Manager, e-Marketing. “The GELA tool was developed as part of a national energy campaign to help businesses and consumers realize the significant savings energy efficient lighting can provide.”

“The new GELA tool is free, online and coupled with our line of energy efficient products, makes a winning combination for our customers,” commented Joe Oberle, GE Lighting’s General Manager, Technology.

The Effectiveness of GELA

In October, GE Lighting demonstrated the effectiveness of GELA in a test pilot program at the Vanguard Middle School, located in the Compton School District in Los Angeles, CA. GE Lighting worked with students of the middle school who used the tool to calculate their current lighting usage and predict the savings from switching to energy-efficient products.

The result: by simply changing the lighting at Vanguard Middle School from standard linear fluorescent T12s to new GE energy-efficient T8 Watt-Miser® Ultra lamps and ballasts, the school will save more than $75,000 in energy over the life of the products – equaling that of an average teacher’s salary in America, books and other scholastic resources. As part of the program, GE Lighting will completely retrofit the middle school with energy efficient fluorescent and compact fluorescent products in the coming months. Partners in the Vanguard Middle School retrofit include Viron Energy Services and Sun Industries.

“We knew our energy costs were substantial, but when GE came to us and completed the lighting audit, the outcome was surprising,” commented Dr. Jesse L. Gonzales, Superintendent, Compton School District. “The resulting tens of thousands in savings will provide a number of benefits for our students in the upcoming school year.”

“The success of GELA with the Compton School District is just one example of the impact this tool can have on commercial applications,” added Hutt. “Now that GELA is available online for use…we hope to reduce the lighting costs of businesses of all sizes nationwide.”

How To Use GELA:

By simply entering the number of each type of light bulb in any home, school or business facility, GELA will provide three important facts related to their lighting:

The dollars currently being spent on lighting energy*;

The total dollars that could be saved by using energy-efficient products;

Which energy-efficient, replacement light bulbs should be used.

[* If the user doesn’t know that cost of kilowatts per hour in their area, GELA automatically enters the local average.]

For more information on GE Lighting’s new energy program and GELA, or the full range of energy efficient products, visit

One of the General Electric Company’s major businesses, GE Lighting is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. GE Lighting is a recognized leader in light bulb technology, manufacturing and marketing in the global lighting industry as well, with operations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Today, the company manufactures approximately 7,000 various light bulb products for commercial, industrial and consumer applications.


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