GoodCents Solutions names Cannon Technologies its GoodCents Select technology partner

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga., June 9, 2003 — GoodCents Solutions® has announced that it has selected Cannon Technologies from a number of candidates as its technology partner for the GoodCents Select program.

GoodCents Select is an innovative home energy management program that lets residential electric utility customers predetermine how their air conditioner, water heater, and other major energy-using appliances respond to electricity price changes during hot summer afternoons when supplies may be low and prices high.

By relying on Cannon Technologies’ wireless, Web-enabled solutions, GoodCents Solutions can realize its goal of implementing the GoodCents Select program for an economical total installed cost. GoodCents Solutions also required that its partner’s equipment and software reliably meet the program’s requirements, be in manufacturing, and be deliverable in quantity and on time. Cannon Technologies met these criteria.

“GoodCents Select is a positive solution for electric utilities and their customers,” says Dan Merilatt, vice president of marketing services. “Along with cost-effective, leading-edge Cannon Technologies equipment, GoodCents Select provides a full range of services, including program design, marketing, customer recruitment, equipment installation, and program evaluation–a true turnkey product.”

The GoodCents Select program provides significant benefits for utilities and their customers. Utilities gain a tool for reducing customer energy consumption during peak demand periods. This helps them avoid having to purchase expensive peaking energy supplies from others, and perhaps put off or avoid having to build new electric generating units. Customers gain control of their energy consumption when energy prices are high by predetermining tradeoffs of cost and comfort. When customers opt to reduce consumption, they help their utility improve reliability and avoid new construction, thereby helping to preserve the natural environment and its resources.

“Cannon Technologies is excited to work with GoodCents Solutions to offer a practical, cost-effective load management system tailored to the preferences of individual customers,” says Joel Cannon, Cannon Technologies vice president and general manager. “This integrated solution offering provides electric utilities with a valuable tool to manage specific capacity constraints and to improve overall system load levels, which translates into significant value for the consumer.”

About GoodCents Solutions (

GoodCents Solutions provides residential and small-commercial energy efficiency and demand response programs to investor-owned, municipal, and cooperative utilities. Its GoodCents brand is one of the most widely recognized conservation and energy efficiency brands in the country. GoodCents Solutions manages utility-sponsored programs, from program design through long-term customer care, in which it installs direct load control, home automation, automated energy management, surge suppression, outage notification, and metering devices.

About Cannon Technologies (

Cannon Technologies is an established provider of load management, automated meter reading (AMR), automated distribution, and substation automation. It brings a “total system” approach to energy management. Utilities and energy service companies interested in these critical functions consistently choose Cannon Technologies because of its unique ability to deliver versatile software, its knowledge of the power business, its support of polyphase electronic meters from all major metering vendors, and its reputation for outstanding service.

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