Ingersoll Rand joins Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition

Washington, D.C., January 25, 2011 — Ingersoll Rand joined the Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition to enhance its ability to promote advanced energy saving solutions.

The DRSG educates policy-makers, utilities, the media and other stakeholders on the smart grid technologies and regulatory changes needed to create a more efficient energy infrastructure.

As part of its membership, Ingersoll Rand will participate in DRSG-led meetings and events by providing expertise on how smart buildings can contribute to an overall smart grid.

“As a long-time innovator of energy-efficient solutions for buildings, our work with the DRSG and their members will help us to further facilitate the deployment of technologies that will allow buildings to use energy more efficiently and intelligently,” said W. Scott Tew, executive director, Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, Ingersoll Rand. “This will lead to significant environmental and economic benefits for businesses and consumers.”

According to the International Energy Agency, global energy demand will grow 55 percent by 2030. If the world does not manage to balance these demands with smarter energy investments by directing them into climate-friendly technologies, emissions will go up 50 percent by 2050, instead of down by 50 percent, as recommended by the scientific community.

However, today’s emerging technologies allow for demand management (real-time and predictive energy load management) that can reap significant energy cost savings.

As a result, America’s homes, buildings and industrial facilities must go beyond the electrical grid and interact with a new, smarter grid with smart building control systems of their own.

The DRSG membership includes many respected and influential companies in information technology, energy products and services, and other related sectors, such as Cisco, General Electric and Google.

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