Itron expands Itron Riva with smart load control

Itron Inc. launched its smart load control solution, which is among its Itron Riva edge intelligence technologies. The load control solution features IP-based control devices that communicate to intelligently control and optimize run times on high-energy-use systems, such as HVAC systems, hot water heaters and pool pumps.

Thermostats, remote terminal units and agriculture irrigation pumps are also supported. The solution uses Itron’s OpenWay smart grid solution, which features Cisco‘s IPv6 multi-application smart grid reference architecture.

With processing power and advanced energy management algorithms at the edge using Itron Riva and Cisco’s IOx fog computing platform, load control enables utilities to increase reliability and dispatch speed while decreasing operating and maintenance costs.

The solution is a part of Itron Riva, which supports sensing and control technologies and dynamic applications at the device level. With edge intelligence, the solution manages load across a service territory without human intervention.

Distributed algorithms can bring hundreds of megawatts of load offline and online without causing regulation issues. By applying intelligent cycling strategies randomizing event start and end times, and measuring results for predictable load shed and load shaping procedures, the solution allows utilities to manage load with confidence and realize the benefits of smart demand response at scale.

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