Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative, MyEnergy to gamify demand response

MyEnergy and Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative (MVEC) announce the first customer engagement program launched by a cooperative to gamify energy efficiency and demand response.

Using MyEnergy’s customer engagement platform, MVEC will give its customers the chance to win prizes and earn rewards for participating in energy-saving challenges during times of peak energy consumption.

In addition to cutting energy during peak times, the platform will also motivate ongoing energy savings through the following features:

·      Online dashboard — Easy to understand and personalized energy consumption information, plus the ability to compare energy use with others, set goals, and track progress

·      Tips on how to save energy — Tangible, realistic suggestions for lowering utility bills

·      Rewards for saving — Prizes awarded to users when they reduce energy consumption

·      Energy reports — Detailed updates on energy use, delivered monthly through email

MVEC’s new platform will be powered by MyEnergy’s powerful, yet affordable online customer engagement solution. Previously, due to the cost and lengthy implementation process, robust customer engagement platforms had been deployed only by large investor owned utilities.

By providing a solution that doesn’t require any back-end integration with a utilities’ billing system, which reduces cost and risk, MyEnergy is making it possible for utilities of all sizes to use customer engagement platforms.

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