New Hampshire Electric Cooperative deploys new demand response programs

New Hampshire Electric Cooperative is launching three new residential and small and medium-sized business demand response programs to offset peak energy usage and save on future generation costs.

NHEC, which serves about 80,000 customers in 115 communities, is offering customers those three programs using AutoGrid’s cloud-based demand response optimization and management system (DROMS) solution. Those demand response offerings include behavioral demand response, time of use/critical peak pricing and direct load control components.

The three “Go Beyond the Peak!” programs allow customers who volunteer for the program to shift energy consumption to periods when the utility’s demand and other electricity charges are low, thus helping NHEC reduce its over power and delivery costs. NHEC’s “Peak Days” behavioral demand response program notifies members when a demand response event will occur, encouraging them to lower their energy use at that time. As part of the “Peak Planner” time of use/critical peak pricing program they agree to reduce their energy use during demand response events, securing lower electricity charges and bill credits in return.

Finally, the “Peak Plus” direct load control program connects directly to members’ Internet-connected water heaters, space heaters and window air conditioners, lowering the power used by those products during a DR event. For now, the program only connects to water heaters, space heaters and window air conditioners.

“For NHEC, the member experience was the most important consideration for us as we designed and rolled out our demand response programs,” said Heather Manypenny, power resources executive at NHEC, in the press release. “The flexibility offered by AutoGrid DROMS is enabling us to manage a wide range of behavioral and automated programs across all our member classes and allows us to offer the right programs to our members not only today, but well into the future.”

Members can enroll in, monitor, and manage their participation in demand response programs and events using AutoGrid’s NHEC-branded online consumer portal interface. A field services team can send an installer to come on-site to install the load control device and easily provision it in the demand response program through a mobile app.

In addition, with AutoGrid’s built-in data analytics, NHEC can determine which members to reach out for each demand response program, lowering their marketing costs to increase participation.

“NHEC’s launch of these three new demand response programs shows how utilities can use the Energy Internet to lower their costs and deeply engage with their customers,” said Amit Narayan, CEO of AutoGrid. “We are proud to be partnering with NHEC as they demonstrate how the energy internet can make our energy system cleaner, more affordable and more reliable.”

California-based AutoGrid is an energy internet software firm which provides distributed energy resource management solutions to large utilities, cooperatives, electricity retailers, energy service providers and energy project developers.

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