N.J. consumers brace for impending energy deregulation

OLD BRIDGE, N.J., July 2, 2003 — With the impending energy deregulation in New Jersey, the need for energy efficiency is greater than ever before. As of August 1, 2003, rate caps will be lifted and consumers will be exposed to what industry experts refer to as “open market competition.”

Advocates propose the deregulation will enable smaller energy companies to enter the market, while opposition warns of skyrocketing rates to compensate for the $1 billion deferment accumulated by New Jersey utility companies when forced to provide energy below wholesale cost.

While unable to control rate changes, consumers can take charge of their energy bills by controlling energy usage. And while energy conservation used to be synonymous with sacrifice, state-of-the-art technology of today makes energy efficiency clean, comfortable and cost-effective.

Energy management companies like The First Energy Group based in Old Bridge, see the immediate need for New Jersey consumers to act quickly as the August 1st date approaches. Specializing in energy management for business owners and facilities managers for over 13 years, The First Energy Group audits energy usage, creates an efficient energy model and installs a cost-effective energy system with no out-of-pocket expenses.

“We are working very closely with business sector in New Jersey to help them get through this turbulent time,” states Herb Unger, Vice-president of The First Energy Group. “Both business and residential consumers are approaching the August 1st deregulation with such uncertainty. However, energy conservation is a viable solution proven to save money, plus save our environment from harmful pollutants,” Unger continues.

According to the New Jersey Public Interest Research Group (NJPIRG), over 99% of New Jersey’s electricity production is from polluting sources, such as coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power. The NJPIRG also states that energy production is the largest industrial source of air pollution and radioactive waste in the country. The New York Public Interest Research Group cites a state report that confirms every $1 million invested in energy efficiency saves $3 million in energy costs.

“Between the overwhelming evidence of the environmental effects and the cost analysis,” concludes Unger, “it simply makes sense to become more energy efficient.”

The First Energy Group is dedicated to Changing How the World Sees Energy. A provider of total energy solutions for 13 years, the First Energy Group helps businesses maximize their energy efficiency to increase the overall profitability of the company. Running an energy-efficient facility — also known as Building Optimization — lowers utility bills, decreases dependence on foreign energy sources, decreases pollution and improves worker productivity. Located in Old Bridge, N.J., The First Energy Group can be reached by calling (800) 253-4801 or online at www.FirstEnergyGroup.com.


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