NV Energy chooses UISOL demand response management software

Lafayette, Calif., August 16, 2010 — Nevada investor-owned electric utility NV Energy, Inc. has chosen Utility Integration Solutions’ DRBizNet DRMS software application to expand its statewide demand response and demand side management programs.

NV Energy manages a growing DR portfolio which includes direct load control, price-responsive load control, energy information programs, advanced consumer gateways, distributed solar and energy storage.

Its largest program, Cool Share, is a two-way communications enabled load control program, which currently has a capacity of 140 MW of residential and small commercial peak demand reduction. Over the next several years, NV Energy will expand the DR portfolio to close to 400 MW.

NV Energy will employ DRBizNet to automate DR business processes across an integrated Advanced Services Delivery platform, allowing its DR operations to be more automated, scalable, and interoperable. In addition, DRBizNet will enable global program and event management, residential device management, commercial client management and customer portal functionalities.

This will help provide tangible customer benefits associated with smart metering systems and support future smart grid initiatives.

“Their solution will help us reach our goal of implementing flexible, extensible, and interoperable systems for managing peak demand and distributed energy resources,” said Michael Brown, program manager for Demand Response at NV Energy. “Our customers will benefit from programs that are more responsive to their own preferences and deliver increasingly more sophisticated technology to enable them to manage energy use and save money.”

UISOL chief operating officer Mark Triplett said, “We are proud to be working with NV Energy and applaud the vision of its DR Operations Team for fully leveraging demand response strategies that can help them optimize control of the electrical grid while providing consumers with tools that can reduce their energy costs.”

UISOL’s award-winning DRBizNet has gained success, most recently at the largest power market in the world, PJM Interconnection, where some 750 users in 200 market participant organizations are using it to enable more than 7,500 MW of demand response in PJM energy, capacity or ancillary services markets, representing about 450,000 end-use customers.

The software is also licensed to a number of other DR service providers, utilities, and ISOs collectively covering over half of the states in the U.S.


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