NV Energy deploys home energy management service

NV Energy started mass deployment of the EcoFactor home energy management service under the NV Energy mPowered brand.

The integrated demand side management partnership calls for EcoFactor to deliver both double-digit energy savings to consumers, and a minimum of 20 MW of load reduction in the Las Vegas market during the first phase of deployment. Additional phases are also planned.

The launch of the NV Energy mPowered solution with EcoFactor stems from the success of a pilot program in the Las Vegas metropolitan areas. Results of measurement and verification studies conducted by NV Energy during this pilot showed that the EcoFactor service simultaneously:

·      Saved an average of 13 percent of customer cooling costs during a scorching Las Vegas summer.

·      Delivered an average demand response load reduction of more than 3 kilowatts per home on NV Energy’s benchmark measurement & verification days, which is higher than NV Energy has achieved using other approaches.

EcoFactor’s patented, cloud-based energy service analyzes a home’s specific heating and cooling system information, thermostat settings, personal preferences, indoor temperatures, local weather conditions and several other behavioral factors.

Using an Internet-enabled thermostat, the EcoFactor service continually learns and adapts to these factors, automatically making small adjustments to thermostat settings throughout the day to reduce energy consumption and shift energy use without compromising comfort. EcoFactor helps residents heat and cool their homes more efficiently, saving money on their utility bills. The service helps leading-edge utilities like NV Energy maintain customer comfort while effectively managing demand-side impact on the grid.

NV Energy, which provides electricity to 2.4 million Nevadans, began rolling out its mPowered solution with EcoFactor to Las Vegas residents in October.

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