N.Y. Smart Grid Consortium thanks Gov. Cuomo for post-Sandy grid repairs

The New York State Smart Grid Consortium (NYSSGC), a public-private partnership devoted to statewide implementation of the smart grid, praised the leadership of Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his vision on energy issues and foresight in recognizing the importance and urgency in upgrading New York’s electric grid with the best available technology.

“We applaud Gov. Cuomo’s bold energy initiatives as outlined in his State of the State, in particular his vision for a new energy czar, his ambitious plans for a nation-leading electric vehicle infrastructure and his call to strengthen New York’s energy infrastructure,” said NYSSGC Chairman Robert B. Catell, who was in attendance for the speech in Albany. “The leadership of the governor and his new energy czar, Richard Kauffman, will be essential in developing a coherent pathway to efficiently and effectively build a 21st century smart electric grid from which all New Yorkers can reap the benefits.”

As New York continues to recover from Sandy, the state is poised to implement a smart grid energy infrastructure that will include a more efficient transmission and distribution system and the integration of renewable energy sources. A smart grid will also support innovative deployment of an electric vehicle (EV) transportation infrastructure and additional mechanisms for greater certainty for the solar market.

Along with increased reliability through the incorporation of these innovative technologies, a modernized electric grid will bring tangible benefits to consumers through controls and options on how they use energy, as well as ultimately reduce energy costs long-term.

“As shown by the devastating consequences of Hurricane Sandy, we need a grid that is more resilient, with improved ability to quickly diagnose problems and deploy automatic systems that can make real time adjustments by re-routing distribution networks and better coordinating generating assets,” added Catell. “Modernizing our electrical grid is a complicated challenge involving different stakeholders, ranging from electric utilities and regulators, to emerging technology companies and individual rate payers. As a consortium of several key stakeholders, we are prepared to support the governor’s vision as the benefits of smart grid investment will not only help us be better prepared for future storms, but will also reduce energy costs and give more control to the consumer.”

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