ONZO’s energy data analytics to use Silver Spring Networks

Energy data analytics firm ONZO is partnering with Silver Spring Networks to leverage high-resolution data from Silver Spring’s networking platform to provide greater insights to utility customers.

ONZO is working with Silver Spring and its new SilverLink Sensor Network to bring utilities and their customers a new level of insight into how energy is being used. This will encourage reduction of energy usage as well as peak shifting. ONZO has already achieved an 8 percent reduction of energy usage and a further 5 percent shift of energy usage off the peak. This has been achieved through information provision alone in a long-term large-scale U.K. deployment of analytics.

Leveraging high-resolution consumption data from Silver Spring’s SilverLink Sensor Network, ONZO is able to disaggregate data into appliance use categories that give customers actionable information. By working together and applying ONZO’s load disaggregation algorithms, ONZO and Silver Spring have elevated energy efficiency from a largely academic subject to a solution that can be deployed at scale.

As a member of the Silver Spring Global Partner Program, the ONZO solution will be supported and tested and available on a turnkey basis from Silver Spring. ONZO’s solution raises the bar for consumer energy efficiency, extending the opportunity for new ratepayer funded efficiency programs, which have the added benefit of integrated audit capabilities to justify their efficacy. At a time when consumers see energy costs rising, this is an important feature to improve consumer’s perception of energy suppliers.

ONZO’s suite of algorithms will provide further insight to existing data; enabling better customer segmentation, improved customer services, and new tariff design. Users of the SilverLink Sensor Network will have easy access to this capability via Silver Spring’s new App Store

ONZO delivers valuable insight from the analysis of energy use and other data, transforming customer relationships, improving energy efficiency, shifting peak demand, offering new energy services and reducing operational costs.

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