Permlight and Ceramics Process Systems enter into relationship to develop LED lighting systems

TUSTIN, Calif. & CHARTLEY, Mass., Jan. 27, 2003 — Permlight Products, Inc. and Ceramics Process Systems Corp. (CPS), announced that they have entered into an exclusive strategic relationship to develop semiconductor based lighting systems with advanced composite metal matrix material heatsinks, expanding its role as a manufacturer of thermally managed LED products.

Permlight manufactures its products on aluminum-core boards that provide the highest thermal dissipation properties of any LED based lighting system on the market. The balance of the LED lighting systems market uses FR4 Fiberglass PC board technology or plastic extrusion–both are very poor thermal conductors.

CPSX is the recognized industry leading manufacturer of metal matrix composite heatsink technology which combines silicon carbide and other high thermal conductivity materials including highly oriented pyrolytic graphite with aluminum to create application specific heatsinks that have higher thermal conductivity than most conventional metals.

“We expect that the relationship with Ceramics Process Systems will greatly accelerate our plan to commercialize our LED lighting systems in more than just sign applications,” commented Manuel Lynch, President and CEO of Permlight. “By using their advanced thermal control techniques we are confident we can introduce new products that will offer customers choices of pushing the brightness envelope by driving the same number of LEDs at much higher power or maintaining current levels of brightness but significantly reducing cost by using fewer LEDs at higher power levels.”

“The death of an LED is heat – what we are doing is playing with advanced metal matrix physics to evacuate heat from the LED allowing us to drive it at levels never thought possible” continued Lynch. “Our goal is to increase thermal conductivity 10x over industry standards and therefore drive LEDs at 3-4x their normal current.”

In commenting on the use of its technology, Grant Bennett, CEO of Ceramics Process Systems stated, “We believe this relationship explores valuable new markets for us and develops a vehicle for us to enter mainstream high volume applications. Permlight’s market presence and know how provides a significant strategic partner for our technology. Permlight is an excellent partner.”

“Permlight’s team comes from the high reliability world of military and aerospace electronics that first used composite metal matrix heatsinks to reduce weight and lifetime of power electronics systems for the satellites and fighter aircraft,” continued Bennett. “We speak the same language and expect that our joint developments will yield extremely high quality, long lifetime products.”

It is expected that joint product developments with CPSX will drive down cost in both Gallium Arsenide based Red and Amber systems as well as Gallium Nitride based White, Blue, Green, Visible Violet and Ultra Violet lighting systems, enabling multiple new commercial applications.

About Permlight

Permlight, a provider of energy efficient LED lighting solutions, designs and manufactures LED Lighting Systems and power supplies for indoor and outdoor applications. With its patented thermal management technology, the company provides products that are rated as the brightest and most cost effective systems in the industry. More information may be obtained by visiting its website at

About Ceramics Process Systems

Ceramics Process Systems Corporation serves the wireless communications infrastructure market, high-performance microprocessor market, motor controller market, and other microelectronic markets by developing, manufacturing, and marketing advanced metal-matrix composite components to house, interconnect and thermally manage microelectronic devices.

The company’s products are typically in the form of housings, packages, lids, substrates, thermal planes, heat spreaders or baseplates, and are used in applications where thermal management and/or weight are important considerations.

The company’s products are manufactured by proprietary processes that CPS has developed, including the Quickset Injection Molding Process and the QuickCast Pressure Infiltration Process.

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