RETX unveils latest product suite, RETX ePath™

March 26, 2003 — RETX, a provider of Internet-applications and services for energy management and demand response opportunities, announced the launch of its next generation product suite, RETX ePathà¢â€ž-. RETX provides the ePath application platform to system operators, energy providers, aggregators and consumers for the management of their energy information and demand response products.

RETX listened to its customers and the marketplace while building ePath and developed an application platform that delivers best in class features to meet their needs. ePath users have more advanced and flexible tools that help reduce demand response program operating costs, improve grid reliability, and manage energy efficiency efforts.

“The energy industry has demanded better energy information and demand response technologies. RETX has risen to that challenge and developed a state of the art application to help our customers get the most value from their programs and product offerings. Demand Response and energy management is and will continue to be a growing need in the energy marketplace. ePath is the most flexible, user friendly platform on the market today” says Ross Malme President and CEO of RETX.

Benefits of RETX’s Latest Product Suite –

– Enhanced event communications (e.g. voice, text, fax, and email)
– Two way communication features
– Multiple usage and price alarm configurations
– Enhanced graphical displays (e.g. multiple engineering units, multiple time periods, and multiple locations)
– Real time market price visibility
– Real-time, daily and monthly energy usage import options
– Numerous data import and export options
– Virtually unlimited baseline calculation and event settlement options
– Extremely user friendly

RETX ePath is clearly the premier next generation product suite. ePath provides enhanced energy analysis tools, expanded notification features, improved reporting tools and ease of use.

The RETX ePath product suite include –

ePath Notification Manager is a two-way communication tool that provides notification to selected recipients with information such as demand response events, new product opportunities, general system conditions, price plans or weather alerts.

ePath Energy Usage and Analysis is a tool to for commercial and industrial customers to monitor and analyze real-time and historical usage for energy management needs.

ePath Load Management Dispatcher is a flexible demand response platform that provides an open data exchange for prices, usage, baselines, settlements, and communications.

ePath Regional Negawatt Hub is the system infrastructure needed to manage successful demand response programs that have multiple market participants and multiple users of information.

ePath Professional Services provides RETX customers customized solutions to help with unique needs and requirements.

RETX works throughout North America with electric utilities, load serving entities, ISOs, and retail energy service providers to provide fully integrated, customized and secure Web-based services, including load management, customer enrollment, meter information management, retail settlements, assisting with audit capability, and more. Its Web site can be found at RETX site.

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