SAIC wins $66 million contract by Hawaii Public Utilities Commission

McLean, Va., December 12, 2011 — Science Applications International Corporation won the funding for the next two years of its prime contract with the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission to continue as the program administrator for the Hawaii Energy Efficiency Program, helping Hawaii residents and businesses become more energy efficient.

The funding amendment award has a two-year period of performance and value of more than $66 million.

The multi-year contract has been executed by SAIC since March 2009, runs through December 31, 2013, and may be extended beyond 2013 for an additional three-year period. Since inception of the contract, $105 million in funding has been awarded to SAIC to administer Hawaii’s energy efficiency programs.

Hawaii residents pay among the nation’s highest prices for electricity and fuel. The most oil-dependent of the 50 states, Hawaii relies on imported petroleum for about 90 percent of its primary energy. The ratepayer-funded Energy Efficiency Program plays a vital role in reducing Hawaii’s reliance on foreign oil.

In 2009, SAIC successfully transitioned the Hawaii Energy Efficiency Program from the Hawaiian Electric Companies and has redesigned and enhanced administration of the rebate and incentive, education and training, conservation, energy efficiency and demand side management programs.

Over the first two years, the PUC has commended SAIC’s increased cost effectiveness, transparency, and new efforts. An estimated $320 million in future utility costs are projected to be avoided through the incentivized efficiency measures installed during the first two years of SAIC program administration, representing an 875 percent return on the program’s cost to the ratepayer.

Under the contract, SAIC will continue as the Public Benefits Fee Administrator, enabling Hawaii to decrease its dependence on foreign oil, make better use of efficiency measures and improve energy security.

SAIC will also continue to administer the Hawaii Energy Efficiency Program, including program operations, outreach, market evaluation, general administration, information technology and transformational infrastructure development initiatives. The program provides critical support for the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative’s goal of 30 percent reduction in energy use through efficiency by 2030.

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