Samsung, Earth Networks partner on energy efficiency with WeatherBug Home

A pilot energy efficiency program launching this fall in Texas from Samsung and Earth Networks, the parent company of WeatherBug and WeatherBug Home will provide homeowners with actionable intelligence they can use to save energy, reduce their electric bills, and find the best energy service rate plan based on their personal energy use.

More than 100 utilities in 17 states offer competitive rate plans, and other utilities are rolling out time-of-use rates. With more than 300 plans available from retail electric providers, consumers are faced with an array of confusing choices.

To help customers pick the best plan and save about 25 percent percent on average per year, Samsung is bringing their new technology, Samsung’s Energy Control and Optimization System, to the smart home market.

ECOS processes energy usage data to provide specific energy service plan recommendations. The recommendation system studies various tiered, time-of-use and real time pricing plans, and identifies the appropriate plan and associated savings based on the customer’s energy usage patterns.

Consumers’ energy bills are driven by their chosen rate plan, and their energy usage. A whopping 50 percent of home energy use comes from weather’s effects on heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

WeatherBug Home taps into local, real-time weather data from proprietary neighborhood sensors and correlates it to smart meter data to provide personalized insights that help homeowners visualize and understand their energy use. Every month, homeowners in the program will receive a monthly WeatherBug Home Scorecard.

The ScoreCard helps explain why their house “behaves” the way it does in relation to the weather, and reveals the biggest drains on home energy use compared to their neighbors.

WeatherBug Home integrates weather variables — solar, wind speed and direction, and temperature — into home energy management and demand response programs. These variables are critical in maximizing energy efficiency and cutting costs.

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