San Diego to use GE intelligent lighting for energy efficiency

The city of San Diego will illuminate its downtown district with GE Lighting’s intelligent lighting system, including LED street lighting, making it the first city in the U.S. to adopt GE’s LightGrid technology.

The new system, set to be in place by spring of this year, will offer improved and energy efficient lighting that will save the city more than a quarter-million dollars in energy costs each year.

Highlights of the project include:

·        System installation began earlier this month; completed by spring 2014

·        Energy savings to San Diego estimated at $254,000 annually

·        Full implementation of project to replace 3,000 city lamps

·        Innovative technology with GPS location features, allowing for an accurate measurement of energy usage by individual streetlight

·        Custom engineered decorative streetlights that embed the wireless controls technology to retain their historic appearance

The new system will not only enhance the city’s street lighting but will also revolutionize urban lighting systems with technology that self-commissions to the LightGrid network and provides accurate energy metering per light pole, allowing municipalities to pay for the energy they actually use.

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