Schneider Electric and Green Energy Corp. Develop Microgrid Solutions

Schneider Electric, a global energy management company, announced a partnership with Green Energy Corp. to provide standardized microgrid solutions to public and private energy clients in the domestic and international microgrid marketplace. The partnership combines Schneider Electric’s expertise in distributed energy resources and advanced power control with Green Energy Corp.’s open source Linux tools, including GreenBus 2.0.

“A key element of our strategy is full-service implementation of microgrids. With North America projected to maintain its global leadership in microgrid capacity and increase its market share to 65 percent of the global market by 2020, now was the right time to join forces to deliver a solution that is positioned to meet this growing demand,” said James Potach, senior vice president, Energy and Sustainability Service, Schneider Electric. “Working with Green Energy Corp. delivers a complete solution to the microgrid market, enabling Schneider Electric to provide thousands of its existing and new energy customers with options not previously available.”

“Our innovative open source software connects to any and all utility and client systems. That combined with our portfolio of patents and partnership with Schneider Electric – we are now able to create smarter, scalable and repeatable microgrid solutions,” said Peter Gregory, founder and chairman of Green Energy Corp. “With both companies having an extensive pipeline of projects, the partnership will focus on delivering a complete and standardized microgrid solution including design, development, construction, operations and ownership.”

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