VIDEO: Siemens launching energy efficiency project for Denmark hospital

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Siemens has created a comprehensive energy efficiency upgrade package for a hospital near the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

The energy performance contracting project for Hvidovre Hospital includes optimizing the technical plants and expanding the hospital’s own renewable energy sources. Valued at $26 million, this EPC project is the largest of its kind in Denmark.

In turn, the project guarantees the hospital energy savings of up to 33 percent per year.

Siemens experts analyzed the 245,000 square meter hospital in detail and identified measures capable of reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Since hospitals are in operation 24/7 and consume a great deal of power, they also offer a large energy efficiency upgrade potential.

The measures to be implemented at Hvidovre Hospital include expanding the photovoltaic system, installing geothermal storage systems and wind turbines, and modernizing the building management system. The hospital will be able to reduce heat consumption by 41 percent and electricity consumption by 23 percent. On average, this will result in energy savings of 33 percent.

Siemens will finance the costs in advance, and Hvidovre Hospital will pay them back over ten years from the energy savings achieved. “This project will help us make real progress towards our environmental goals within a short period of time,” said hospital director Anders Agger.

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