Siemens Metering Services partners with GridPoint to deliver smart energy management

Arlington, Va., March 14, — The new partnership, with primary focus on the U.K. and European market, enhances Siemens’ existing smart energy metering portfolio, designed to drive major cost and efficiency savings in customers’ operations.

The partnership benefits both brands by adding real-time submetering capability to Siemens Metering Services’ offering to business customers and expanding GridPoint’s footprint in this key market.

Energy consumers and providers will now be able to make use of a leading edge commercial energy management and submetering platform offering an advanced, navigable and proven path to smarter energy management.

Two of the biggest challenges faced by business today are the escalating costs of energy and the increasing need to meet their carbon reduction commitments.

Energy bills represent a portion of operating cost within the business, so, finding ways to reduce this has a strong commercial imperative. Many firms also have distributed sites, making energy usage difficult to control at the local level.

Staff at these sites often overrides corporate HQ controls in an effort to meet their own local targets. Behaviors can be difficult to change, but submetering solutions offer a way to help businesses understand site and equipment level consumption, which can be used to drive positive change.

The agreement enhances Siemens existing energy management and metering solutions offering and strengthens the company’s commitment to helping its customers obtain greater energy efficiencies in all areas of the business.

Whether the business is a supermarket, construction firm, or financial institution, Siemens provides the experience and deep energy management process expertise to help companies understand consumption usage and patterns and how to optimize their energy management practices.

GridPoint Energy Management System provides a firm’s energy manager with targeted real-time ability to monitor and control energy use and to deliver consumption savings of 10-20 percent or more. Detailed submetering data at site/equipment meter level reveals priority areas for eliminating costs, leading to accelerated ROI (return on investment), typically in two years or less.

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