Siemens, Utilidata partner on enable energy efficient voltage optimization software

Siemens and Utilidata have announced a global reseller agreement that will further expand the market opportunity for voltage optimization technology. Siemens will now offer its customers Utilidata’s voltage optimization software through its Energy Automation Solution portfolio.

Effective voltage control allows electric utilities to deliver power within appropriate voltage limits so equipment along the grid can operate correctly and power losses along the grid are avoided. Through this partnership, U.S. and global utilities will have greater access to software to save energy, reduce peak demand, and improve the efficiency of the electric grid.

“This partnership enhances the Siemens grid automation suite and will unlock new opportunities for our clients to utilize real-time grid information to realize efficiency and reliability benefits previously unavailable to them,” said Pat Wilkinson, head of Siemens Energy Automation. “Utilidata, like Siemens, is dedicated to the application of industry leading technology to solve the complex and dynamic issues faced by our customers. We are excited to add their unique and market-changing software to our expanding portfolio.”

Utilidata’s digital platform captures real-time data from the electric grid and gives utilities information needed to save energy, mitigate issues caused by distributed energy resources, and better detect grid anomalies. Using the company’s AdaptiVolt technology, utilities are able to adjust voltage, take customized control of system assets, and achieve 50 percent greater energy savings than conventional approaches.

“With global market expertise, Siemens is known for pushing forward new approaches and innovative technologies to meet the energy challenges of today and tomorrow,” said Scott DePasquale, Chairman and CEO of Utilidata. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to work together to bring voltage optimization software to Siemens customers and utilities worldwide.”

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