Smart metering and demand response pilot goes live in Washington D.C.

San Mateo, CA, July 24, 2008 — eMeter Strategic Consulting announced the launch of the PowerCentsDC residential smart meter and smart pricing pilot, where 1,200 customers will use a combination of technology and new rate structures to reduce electricity usage. The pilot is sponsored by the Smart Meter Pilot Program Inc., a non-profit corporation consisting of the District of Columbia Public Service Commission, Office of People’s Counsel, Consumers Utility Board, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and Pepco Holdings Inc.

The program is managed by eMeter and UtiliPoint International Inc. It will test smart metering with three different residential rate options: hourly pricing, critical peak pricing and critical peak rebate. Each of these pricing options is coupled with technology provided by Sensus and Mincom to measure usage and bill customers in the pilot. Comverge is providing smart thermostats to enable participants to save through automatic, remote control of their air conditioners.

UtiliPoint provides project management and rate design services for the effort. The rates were designed and tested by UtiliPoint. The overall systems integration and testing were managed by UtiliPoint and done in collaboration with Pepco, the local distribution utility.

Sensus provides the two-way smart meters and radio network for communicating with the meters.

Mincom’s SmartBill system provides billing for the three rate options, integrating with Pepco’s legacy system to maintain billing accuracy and business process continuity.

Comverge supplies the smart thermostats for the program. In addition to controlling air conditioners remotely, these thermostats provide information to PowerCentsDC participants, including monthly usage to date, monthly bill to date, and the price currently in effect.

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