Smart meters not enough to achieve energy efficiency goals, says eMeter

San Mateo, CA, June 24, 2009 – eMeter Corp., a smart grid management software group, unveiled Energy Engage, an online, consumer engagement solution that encourages conservation by enabling users to understand the relationship between energy consumption, cost and carbon output.

Pilot participants with PowerCentsDC will be the first to actively manage their home energy consumption with Energy Engage. PowerCentsDC is a public–private partnership program backed by Pepco and consumer and regulatory bodies in Washington, D.C. that is testing how much electricity consumers can save using key smart grid technologies.

Utilities have been investing in smart metering technology to lower operating costs, offer faster customer service and provide consumers with billing options and pricing that corresponds to peak demand. Energy Engage encourages behavioral change among customers by helping them understand how their energy consumption levels impacts not only their wallets, but also the environment.

Energy Engage uniquely empowers utility companies to help consumers manage their home energy usage with, for the first time, accurate daily billing information, real-time event driven alerts to budget variations and access to local community guidance and advice.

Leveraging Energy Engage, PowerCentsDC is investigating new pricing models and behavioral changes that can be maximized through advanced consumer engagement solutions. All participants will be able to see daily usage and cost updates and have summaries sent automatically by text or email, along with optional budget alerts when their usage or cost exceeds pre-set thresholds.

Consumer engagement is important for utilities to reap the full benefits of the smart grid. With an integrated engagement solution that leverages data traditionally used for billing, utilities are better able to offer consumers an easy to use tool that encourages closer collaboration on reducing peak demand and increasing energy conservation. Energy Engage bridges utilities with customers to monitor energy consumption levels with compelling tools that motivate change and increase energy efficiency.

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