Stem to install distributed energy storage for Hawaiian Electric Co.

Advanced energy technology Stem Inc. will deploy one megawatt of behind-the-meter energy storage in a demonstration project with Hawaiian Electric Co. to support grid response services.

Stem will manage its advanced energy intelligence solution for commercial and industrial customers throughout Oahu. The aggregate portfolio of energy storage customers will provide additional grid capability during periods of variable solar power generation and peak demand.

Stem’s energy storage and data analytics predict and rapidly respond to spikes in customers’ electricity demand, drawing on stored power to reduce energy costs without affecting operations. Stem’s technology also leverages the renewable energy forecasting and monitoring project that Hawaiian Electric currently operates.

By participating, Stem customers will receive financial incentives to provide grid responsive power while supporting clean energy on the grid. Stem’s deployment will support the transformation of the Hawaii electric grid from one dependent primarily on fossil fuels to one that incorporates large amounts of solar and wind.

Hawaiian Electric and Stem will work together to identify and enlist participation of commercial and industrial customers with rooftop solar systems. All installations are expected to be completed by March 2015.

The program is supported by $1 million in grant funding from Hawaii’s Energy Excelerator, which was created to commercialize game-changing energy technologies in Hawaii’s test bed, and help companies scale globally.

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