Study: Bidgely reduces whole home energy use over 6 percent

Bidgely, a customer empowerment and operational intelligence platform for utilities, announced results of a study that proves that users of Bidgely’s cloud-based energy disaggregation and insight platform reduce household energy use by greater than six percent on average.

This represents a 300 percent improvement over energy savings achieved through traditional energy management solutions. Additionally, 90 percent of study participants used the platform at least once a week, reflecting strong customer engagement.

Homeowners in the study used in-home gateway devices (a bridge that streams data from the smart meters to the cloud every few seconds) and connected their utility information to Bidgely’s cloud platform. Bidgely’s patented disaggregation algorithms evaluated appliance signatures to assess which energy loads were associated to specific appliances and activities, and provided feedback in several ways:

·      Presented real-time appliance-level energy use information via a dashboard and mobile application

·      Sent participants alerts regarding notable energy consumption changes and energy rate changes

·      Issued weekly and monthly reports detailing energy consumption and providing appliance-level comparisons to previous energy use

·      Delivered personalized recommendations around targeted appliance upgrades, behavior changes or building modifications (e.g. insulation) that would yield the highest savings.

Bidgely worked with Research Into Action to design a study adhering to experimental best practices. The rolling-enrollment study allowed all customers to use Bidgely’s disaggregation solution while still allowing for valid electricity savings estimates. Running from August to December 2013, Bidgely enrolled residents of 500 single-family homes with electric bills between $50 and $250 across California. Study participants were equally distributed geographically to avoid any weather related biases.

In addition to providing baseline consumer benefits around energy savings, Bidgely’s flexible platform is designed to help utilities better target customers across a range of programs, encompassing energy efficiency programs, demand response programs, targeted rate plan rollouts, customer engagement initiatives and more. The company has residential customers on six continents and works with leading utilities around the world.

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