ThinkEco, Friedrich partner to bring customers to demand response

Internet-of-Things technology and energy efficiency company, ThinkEco, and air conditioner maker Friedrich have partnered to enable utilities nationwide to bring new customers into demand-side management programs.

Beginning in summer 2014, utilities will be able to use ThinkEco’s platform and turnkey demand response (DR) services to incorporate connected Friedrich Kàƒ¼hl (pronounced “cool”) air conditioners directly into DR programs.

Customers will use their FriedrichLink WiFi kit to opt into available programs, thereby allowing them to receive incentives and rebates, and help their local utility provide better electricity services.

This technology partnership is already planned for deployment in New York City, enabling Kàƒ¼hl owners to participate in the 2014 coolNYC program, a demand response partnership between Con Edison and ThinkEco.

Friedrich’s Kàƒ¼hl is a Wi-Fi capable room air conditioner that allows consumers to remotely turn AC units on and off, set fan mode, and create schedules, all via a smartphone or computer.

The ThinkEco platform is based on ThinkEco’s smartAC technology, which retrofits room air conditioning units to provide cloud-based metering and temperature-based remote control. ThinkEco has used this technology to create multiple room AC-focused DR programs that have successfully balanced customer comfort with utility load-shedding requirements.

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