TVA teams with SureGrid to pilot smart, demand side power management

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Austin, Texas, September 28, 2010 — SureGrid, a provider of automated, cloud-based, demand-response Intelligent Load Management technology, entered into an intelligent, demand-side management pilot program with the Tennessee Valley Authority.

The two-year pilot will act as a virtual power plant of electric power in real-time during peak energy, demand response events, when the power grid is under the greatest stress.

SureGrid’s fully automated, “no-touch” Intelligent Load Management technology solution will offer TVA real-time visibility to its electric power load profile and the ability to reduce peak power demands during times when the grid is under high stress, as in a heat wave.

Accordingly, SureGrid technology can actually generate virtual power that is rated as highly as any generator that supplies power to the grid today. With just the initial deployment, this SureGrid-TVA pilot will generate the equivalent power consumed by up to 4,000 homes on the hottest days of the year.

SureGrid’s Intelligent Load Management will provide peak demand reduction to TVA’s grid, but SureGrid also offers an environmental benefit as well. SureGrid reduces the need for peaking power plants, which are generating plants that come online only during times of high demand.

Given the expected number of demand-response events, this SureGrid-TVA pilot program will reduce carbon dioxide by more than 250,000 lbs.

“Clearly, intelligent, demand-side management technology — hosted at the end-user location — is the way of the future,” said Geoff Wyatt, SureGrid’s director of operations. “Now, TVA will have real-time visibility to customer demand while also being able to automatically call upon this load on short notice with the closed-loop approach offered by SureGrid’s PowerCommand technology.”

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