Utilidata to deliver power grid security solutions in Saudi Arabia

Software company Utilidata formed a partnership with Al-Rushaid Technologies. The partnership will allow Utilidata to scale its intelligent control technology across the electric grid in Saudi Arabia, as well as work on core cyber-security issues that are pressing within the kingdom.

Utilidata’s digital platform captures real-time data from the electric grid and gives utilities and industrial companies the information and system control needed to save energy, improve reliability and better detect anomalies.

“The Al-Rushaid Group is one of the preeminent companies working on the deployment of technology at scale in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” said Scott DePasquale, chairman and CEO of Utilidata. “We look forward to making further investments in the kingdom, and building our presence in the region alongside of Al-Rushaid Technologies.”

Using the company’s AdaptiVolt technology, power utilities and large industrial companies are able to adjust voltage, take customized control of system assets, and achieve fifty percent greater energy savings than conventional approaches. AdaptiVolt is powered by Utilidata’s digital platform, the Signal Intelligence Engine, which provides access to real-time operating information and system visibility. 

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