Beacon Power opens flywheel energy storage plant in Pennsylvania

Grid-scale flywheel energy storage company Beacon Power LLC started up commercial operation of its latest flywheel energy storage facility, located in Hazle Township, Pennsylvania.

The first 4 MW of energy storage capacity began providing frequency regulation services in the PJM Interconnection market on September 11, 2013. The balance of the 20 MW plant will be progressively commissioned until full capacity is reached in the second quarter of 2014.


Beacon’s grid-scale flywheel project is an ideal resource to help the PJM Interconnection balance power supply and demand cost-effectively; the flywheels store surplus energy that may otherwise be wasted and rapidly inject it back when there is an energy shortfall.

The facility corrects imbalances more than twice as efficiently as traditional generators while consuming no new fuel, producing no emissions, and using no hazardous materials or water.

The facility is being built with equity from Rockland Capital and funding support from the Department of Energy and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Beacon will be providing frequency regulation services to PJM under a recently implemented “pay-for-performance” market tariff that recognizes the superior attributes of fast-response energy storage resources.

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