Energy Storage

WindTamer to participate in renewable energy storage prototype

Ultralife has purchased an 8.0GT model WindTamer wind turbine together with monitoring capabilities for the initial prototype installation

EPRI analyses benefits of energy storage

The analysis looks at 10 energy storage applications that EPRI considers would serve the bulk of the energy storage market and includes applications to support wholesale energy services and renewable integration

Former energy secretary Spencer Abraham joins International Battery

Spencer Abraham is the chairman and CEO of The Abraham Group, an international strategic consulting firm based in Washington, D.C.

Duke Energy to deploy energy storage at Texas wind farm

In November 2009, Duke Energy announced plans to match a $22 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to install large-scale batteries

Active Power providing 3 MW of backup power to government datacenter

The multi-megawatt UPS deployment will provide critical power protection to one of the agency's mission critical datacenters located on the east coast

Patents issued for wind energy storage

This method can use variable and off-peak power because it stores radio-frequency energy as heat in North America's multi-trillion barrel heavy oil formations

Xtreme Power energy storage device online at Hawaii wind farm

The project marks Xtreme Power's largest commercial DPR currently in operation

Dow Kokam supplies battery technology to Ontario smart grid community

Dow Kokam will supply eCAMION Inc. with advanced lithium-ion technology to provide stationary energy storage solutions for a Canadian utility project

KEMA opens energy storage performance testing lab

KEMA's energy storage performance testing offering is the nation's first comprehensive component to megawatt system testing service for the rapidly evolving energy storage industry

Prudent Energy installs MW class VRB energy storage system for CEPRI

This project is part of the National Wind Power Integration Research and Test Center of China owned by State Grid Corporation of China