Energy Storage

Construction of Beacon Power flywheel energy storage plant on schedule

The project, a grid scale flywheel energy storage facility, remains on schedule to connect and operate 4 MW of frequency regulation capacity

Intertek investing in battery, energy storage testing

Next generation batteries are predicted to impact nearly every industry, including solar energy, electric vehicles and wind energy

Ice Energy storage systems surpass five million hours of operation

In logging the five million hours, the systems have been successfully operating on a wide range of commercial, retail, government and educational facilities with uptime in excess of 99 percent

President Obama visits energy storage firm ZBB Energy

Speaking to a group of ZBB employees and guests, the president praised the company for leading the way in clean energy manufacturing and helping the U.S. economy to grow

Tres Amigas: Xtreme Power will provide energy storage technology

Tres Amigas LLC, a merchant transmission company, is providing the first common interconnection of America’s three power grids

Battery energy storage project to be picked for DOE loan guarantee

The AES project eliminates the need to burn fossil fuels and instead uses battery technology and new software that will provide the same regulation at a lower price

Princeton Power Systems to build solar and energy storage system

Princeton Power Systems to build solar and energy storage system

Energy storage firm Xtreme Power closes $29.5 million funding round

Systems have been successfully implemented at sites around the world, with units at the South Pole and on the largest operating wind farm in Hawaii

General Compression wins DOE grant for compressed air energy storage project

The government grant will help accelerate the development of General Compression's advanced energy storage technology and projects

KEMA sees opportunities for energy storage applications in renewables

The integration of renewable energy resources into the electricity grid has been intensively studied for its effects on energy costs, energy markets and grid stability