Quantum develops hydrogen storage and compression module for fuel cell power generation at telecom site

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 5, 2001 – QUANTUM Technologies WorldWide, Inc., announced today that it supplied a hydrogen storage and compression module for the Hydrogenics HyUPSà¢â€ž- fuel cell back-up power generator.

The alpha prototype HyUPSà¢â€ž-, co-developed by Hydrogenics and General Motors debuted at the Tower Summit 2001 telecommunications show and conference last week in Las Vegas.

QUANTUM’s hydrogen compression and storage module incorporates QUANTUM’s state-of-the-art, advanced aerospace-composite, ultra-lightweight hydrogen storage module that stores hydrogen at 5,000 psi, which allows the HyUPSà¢â€ž- to operate for 2 hours. QUANTUM also provided the hydrogen storage system integration/packaging that incorporates smart controls, an efficient compressor and precision fuel metering to the fuel cell stack. This is the first time QUANTUM’s advanced storage will be used for a telecommunication emergency back-up application.

According to Syed Hussain, President and CEO of QUANTUM, “The HyUPSà¢â€ž- enables electricity to be stored, using hydrogen as the carrier. Because the unit is modular in nature, expanding the size or number of QUANTUM’s storage tanks will permit the unit to operate for extended periods of time.”

“The telecommunications industry represents early adoption of a cutting-edge technology solution for a specific application that will help to advance and commercialize fuel cells. A number of technologies used in this application can be applied to other applications, including transportation, with the potential to reduce costs through economies of scale,” said Alan Niedzwiecki, Executive Director of Business Development for QUANTUM.

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