SatCon obtains second $1.0 million order for industrial UPS system

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 29, 2001 – SatCon Technology Corporation® today announced it has received a second $1.0 million order for its StarSineà¢â€ž- UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system.

The order was placed by Energy & Environment, Inc., (E&E) of Huntington Beach, California, and follows the first order from E&E for the large StarSine system earlier this month. The market for UPS systems of the size provided to E&E is estimated at about $500 million annually, while the overall market for UPS systems of all sizes is estimated in the $6 billion range.

“This second order from E&E will help us demonstrate the value of our StarSine UPS in industrial process applications,” said David Eisenhaure, SatCon president and chief executive officer. “When we first introduced the product line in January this year, we anticipated generating orders by year-end and installing initial units in the first part of 2002. I think we are on schedule with that plan and expect to have successful performance data from our first installed units.”

Amir Sadari, President of E&E said, “These orders for large UPS systems from SatCon further underscores our recent decision to expand our business into the growing power quality market. Our extensive customer base, comprised primarily of large process industries, is ideal for this product. Market research has shown that customers requiring pollution control technologies and even cogeneration usually have power anomaly problems. We believe the StarSine system will solve these problems.”

According to SatCon’s current product introduction schedule, the two E&E systems are expected to be completed, installed and begin an on-site performance demonstration phase in the second quarter of 2002. SatCon anticipates increased demand for its StarSine UPS systems driven by a continued focus on system reliability in the growing power quality market. The StarSine UPS is one of SatCon’s family of UPS and power quality products that includes power converters and controllers for distributed power generation.

SatCon’s UPS systems range in power from 250 kW to the higher power systems at 1.7 to 2.2 megawatts. The StarSine 2200 kVA/1760 kW rotary flywheel UPS (Model 2200E) system combines SatCon power converters, controls and flywheel with a diesel generator to provide uninterruptible power during voltage sags, surges, brownouts or blackouts. The StarSine 2200E easily transitions transparently to the load through all types of short-term utility anomalies with its 12-second ride-through flywheel. The fully integrated diesel, or natural gas industrial engine, that is started during flywheel ride-through, handles long-term outages. The StarSine systems can also be paralleled for redundancy for capacity above 2200 kVA. The higher power systems are available in 480 volt or 4160 volt configurations and range in price from $1.0 to $1.75 million, depending upon the options selected.

About Energy and Environment, Inc.

E&E is an engineering and product development company in the pollution controls technology and co-generation markets, designing and installing large multi-megawatt industrial engine and gas turbine systems. The company markets on a multinational basis and has an extensive field sales representative organization.

About SatCon Technology Corporation

SatCon Technology Corporation manufactures and sells power and energy management products for digital power markets. SatCon has three business units: SatCon Power Systems manufactures and sells power systems for distributed power generation, power quality and factory automation. SatCon Semiconductor Products manufactures and sells power chip components; power switches; RF devices; amplifiers; telecommunications electronics; and hybrid microcircuits for industrial, medical, and aerospace applications. SatCon Applied Technology develops advanced technology in digital power electronics, high-efficiency machines and control systems with the strategy of transitioning those technologies into products. For further information, please visit the SatCon website at

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