5 utilities make Social Media Sustainability Index


Five major utilities feature in the top 100 of an industry-leading report that details how companies communicate and market sustainability through social media.

The utilities are Suez Environnement, RWE, Iberdrola, Veolia and PG&E.

The Social Media Sustainability Index looks at how 475 global companies communicate sustainability online. It considers companies from the following sectors: consumer goods and services, financial services, health care, industrials, oil and gas, telecoms, technology and utilities.

Suez Environnement earned a place in the top 10, thanks to the creative and innovative way it goes about telling its sustainability story to consumers, local communities and students.

The index, produced by Sustainly, found that nearly half of the 475 companies it studied (233) have social media channels or campaigns dedicated to discussing their sustainability or corporate social responsibility efforts.

“That’s an impressive number, especially when you consider that just four years ago only 60 major companies were using social media for sustainability,” said Matthew Yeomans, the report’s author. “Part of the reason for this increase can be explained by the explosion of corporate social media noise in general. But it also seems clear that, as environmental and societal issues grow in importance in society and at board level, so companies are increasingly keen to tell the world about just how sustainable they are trying to be.”

Of the 100 highest-ranking companies who make the index, 50 were from Europe, 44 from the U.S. and six from the rest of the world. Sixty-one had dedicated sustainability blogs or magazines, 42 had sustainability reports sharable via social media, and 86 Twitter accounts were used to discuss sustainability.

Spanish bank BBVA took the top spot for its strong understanding of its social media community and its ability to create projects, campaigns and services that meet the needs of that community. Telecom giant AT&T Inc. placed second, while General Electric Co. and IBM shared third place. U.K. companies British Sky Broadcasting and Unilever NV both featured in the top 10.

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