ABB software solution enables smart grid network in Houston

Power and automation technology group ABB joins the U.S. Department of Energy and CenterPoint Energy for the successful completion of an initiative to advance the reliability of the Houston power network by deploying an advanced intelligent grid system.

The deployment includes ABB enterprise software solutions comprising an advanced distribution management system (ADMS), integrated with a mobile workforce management system and an advanced outage analytics package tying the systems together.

Five years ago, CenterPoint Energy won a $200 million DOE Smart Grid Investment Grant to deliver valuable benefits to consumers and the environment through the company’s Advanced Metering System (AMS) and Intelligent Grid (IG). The IG, which includes the ABB software solutions, is designed to improve service to the utility’s 2.3 million metered customers, and includes installation of 31 substations and 771 intelligent grid-switching devices on 188 distribution circuits.

Leveraging the ADMS software from ABB, this intelligent “self-healing” grid can more quickly identify, isolate and restore power outage locations. Since 2011 it has helped customers avoid more than 100 million outage minutes.

ABB’s Network Manager DMS provides real-time monitoring and control, network analysis, network optimization and outage management for sub-transmission, medium and low voltage distribution networks, in an integrated software platform. By efficiently managing their distribution assets, utilities can better cope with the continual changing world of distribution.

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