ABB wins PV SCADA solution project in Arizona

ABB won a contract from Fluor Corp. for the 125 MW photovoltaic Arlington Valley Solar Project (AVSE II).

AVSE II, a member of LS Power Group, is developing the solar energy project. The AVSE II plant is located in Maricopa County in the town of Arlington, Arizona.

The project consists of five array blocks using PV panels made of crystalline silicon cells on a single axis sun tracking system, a SCADA system to monitor and control the various plant systems, including trackers, inverters, substations, the well water supply and treatment system, and the interface with the plant meteorological station. Relevant plant information will be made available to a remote site and to the California Independent System Operator (CAISO).

ABB’s scope includes S+ Operations as the SCADA package to fulfill stringent requirements of scalable yet flexible architecture. S+ Operations will support 60,000 redundant tags with 1000 Historian Logs. Hardware provided includes one RTU, 67 network switches, a GPS clock, control room furniture, two server/client PCs, one client PC, eight communication servers, two printers, UPS backup power supply and one engineering station. The project was scheduled to be executed by ABB’s North American renewables team in January.

This advanced SCADA solution from ABB adds value to the operations and maintenance of this project by maximizing plant availability, production efficiency and overall low maintenance costs. Green energy delivered will be beneficial for California, which has its own green energy efforts.

ABB offers a diverse and proven portfolio of products and solutions for the entire solar power value chain. In addition to a comprehensive offering for residential, commercial and industrial photovoltaic applications, ABB offers turnkey solutions for large-scale photovoltaic and solar thermal power plants, as well as full service and operations and maintenance support for both ABB and third party-commissioned plants. ABB has delivered more than 50 turnkey PV power plants worldwide.


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