AES energy storage system performs 400,000 MWh of service for PJM Interconnection

The AES Laurel Mountain facility surpassed the 400,000 MWh mark of regulation service to the PJM Interconnection. Laurel Mountain, a plant comprised of 98 MW of wind power and 64 MW of integrated battery-based energy storage resource, has entered its second year of continuous service supplying emissions-free renewable energy and clean, flexible, regulation service to PJM.

AES Laurel Mountain is among the first wind generation facilities to supply critical grid stability services to help maintain the reliability of the power grid.

The facility, which began operation in October 2011, provides a significant economic benefit to customers within the PJM electric power market. For more than a year and a half it has consistently been selected for regulation service from among competitively bid offerings in the power market, serving as a renewable energy alternative to traditional power generation for this service.

The energy storage facility provides fast response regulation, a critical reliability service typically supplied by power generators, but at higher levels of performance. Since the project began service on September 30, 2011, it has supplied over 400,000 MWh of regulation service to PJM and achieved a service factor better than 98 percent.

The unit’s ability to regulate up and down, by charging and discharging stored energy, enables an operating range of 64 MW of flexible capacity with no minimum generating level. To achieve a similar flexible operating capability, a thermal power generator would need to be at least 80 MW in size.

AES Energy Storage is a unit of the AES Corp., a company that has served utility customers around the world for 30 years.

The company has 150 MW of energy storage resources online, and more than 1,000 MW in development in the US, South America, Europe and Asia.

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