Arrival of digital circuit breaker rocks the grid world

A first-ever digital circuit breaker was certified for commercial use this month, according to a new story in Popular Mechanics. The break was invented by Atom Power and may be 3,000 times faster than the fastest mechanical breaker which, if so, could revolutionize how switches can prevent power dangers such as fire.

IEEE-the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-also has lauded Atom’s potential breakthrough. “New semiconductor breakers that combine computing power and wireless connectivity could become the hub of smart, energy-efficient buildings of the future,” the IEEE Spectrum article reads.

The product has a listing of approval with the Underwriters Labratory (UL). 

The Popular Mechanics story also details ATOM CEO Ryan Kennedy’s 25-year effort at building a better and modern electrical system. He started as an electrician, then an engineer and ultimately a project manager. His work at Atom began in earnest five years ago.

Click here to read the Popular Mechanics piece and more about the digital circuit breaker.


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