British Parliament rejects carbon-cutting target in energy bill

U.K. lawmakers rejected an amendment to the Energy Bill, which would have introduced a decarbonization target for the power sector by 2030.

During the debate that began on June 4, the amendment was voted down by 290 votes to 267 in the House of Commons. The bill cleared its third reading June 5 and has now moved on to the House of Lords.

The amendment could have forced the power sector into stringent carbon cuts from 2014, two years earlier than planned, and limited new natural gas plants being built after 2020.

The Energy Bill intends to stimulate about $144 billion in investment to cut carbon emissions.

In late May 2013, British Energy Secretary Ed Davey said the U.K. government would support European Union carbon-cutting targets, but would not support E.U. renewable energy portfolio requirements. (click here for that story)

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