Bulwark Protective Apparel to assist storm recovery effort in Oklahoma

Bulwark Protective Apparel is offering flame resistant clothing for linemen, utility workers, and oil and gas workers in the Moore, Oklahoma area, which was hit by an EF-5 tornado May 20 that destroyed homes and took 24 lives.

“For the next few weeks, Bulwark will provide free FR for those directly impacted by the tragedy in Moore. Workers in Oklahoma simply need to reach out to the Bulwark distributors listed below and we will take it from there,” according to a release from Bulwark. “Many of those impacted are friends, or folks that distribute, buy and wear our clothes. All weigh heavily on our mind.”

(Photo credit:Bobby Halton, The National Fireman’s Journal, Fire Engineering, Pennwell Corp.)

“We would also like to extend this offer to electrical utility workers descending on Moore to help in reconstruction and relief. Many of these crews are hundreds of miles from home and may get caught short on FR.  We’ll lend a hand there, too,” according to the company.

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Bulwark Protective Apparel has been serving the roughnecks, fuel haulers, and refinery workers of the oil and gas industry for over four decades.

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