Coalition wants Indian Point reactors shut down

Groups point to vulnerability to terrorist attack

By Sylvie Dale
Online Editor

WASHINGTON, DC, November 12, 2001 — A coalition of groups have called for the Indian Point nuclear reactors to be closed indefinitely.

The groups told the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Thursday in a petition that the plant is too close to New York City, citing an NRC study that said a meltdown in Unit 3 could cause as many as 200,000 deaths.

The coalition, which includes the environmental group Riverkeeper, wants the plants to stay out of operation until the plant’s vulnerabilities can be reviewed, Environmental News Service reported.

The coalition said the cost of shutting down the reactors would be less now than it would have been in the summer and urged the NRC to shut them down while power still is readily available.

Indian Point has three reactors – Unit 2, Unit 3 and Unit 1, which is not currently operating. Entergy Corporation acquired the Indian Point 1 and 2 reactors from Consolidated Edison in September 2001. Entergy bought Indian Point 3 from Con Edison in November 2000.

The petition also called for the transfer of the plant’s spent fuel rods from a wet cooling pool system to a dry cask system for greater security.

But Entergy has said closing the Indian Point plant would not make it safer, and that a direct hit by a plane would not necessarily lead to a meltdown or major release of radiation.

The petition to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is available at: http://


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