DOE launches microgrid competition to support communities

The Department of Energy launched the Microgrid 2014 MVP Challenge, a competition to support resiliency and adaptation in communities across America. The challenge will recognize local organizations that have adopted successful grid strategies which can continue providing public services during power disruptions caused by severe weather and other events.

The DOE‘s Microgrid 2014 MVP Challenge encourages organizations with operational microgrids, such as hospitals and water treatment plants, to submit their microgrid designs and operational data – such as when and how long the microgrid was disconnected from the traditional grid.


The operational data will help the DOE learn more about microgrid performance and capture practical information that can be shared about how microgrids are being used to make communities more resilient. Entries will be judged according to four criteria: resiliency, clean energy system, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. Microgrids are localized and can disconnect from the traditional grid and to help mitigate grid disturbances during emergencies.

The Microgrid 2014 MVP Challenge builds on efforts by the Sandy Rebuilding Task Force to harness innovation in energy infrastructure and help communities become more resilient to future events.

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