E.On partners with start-ups AutoGrid, Thermondo

E.On has their investments in U.S. start-up AutoGrid Systems and German start-up Thermondo increased to offer smart and customer tailored solutions for the decentralized energy world. The initial start of the partnerships was in 2014.

AutoGrid is dedicated to bringing the power of data science to the decentralized energy world. E.On was the first company to deploy the latest version of AutoGrid’s Energy Data Platform in Europe: The smart Energy Internet solution helps to understand its customers’ energy needs and uses this knowledge to deliver value to all their stakeholders.

The Berlin-based company Thermondo is pioneer of the digitalization of the handicraft business. Thermondo combines the speed and wide product range of an internet company with the outstanding workmanship of experienced technicians. Based on an online platform, customers can compare and buy a variety of heating system manufacturers and technologies in a cost-effective way.

“The Investments fit perfectly into E.On’s strong strategic focus on the new energy world, in which energy networks acting as hubs for renewable energy resources and intelligent customer solutions will play an increasingly important role. AutoGrid provides us with data science capability to better understand our customers energy needs. Thermondo is already able to offer new, customer-friendly digital services. Both re-investments allow us to further develop our innovation expertise.” said Susana Quintana-Plaza, Senior Vice President Innovation at E.On.

E.On continues to promote innovation by making strategic co-investments in start-ups who are helping to shape tomorrow’s energy market. To date, E.On has taken stakes in more than a dozen start-ups in the United States, Europe, and Australia. Its portfolio is diverse. It has invested in companies ranging from Enervee who supports consumers making more energy-efficient choices when it comes to household appliances, devices and electronics purchases, to Greensmith, which is one of the largest providers of utility-scale energy storage software services.


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