Fort Collins Utilities to deploy demand response program from Comverge

Fort Collins Utilities chose Comverge to implement a residential demand response program. Using Comverge IntelliSOURCE software, IntelliTEMP DirectLink smart thermostats, IntelliPEAK DirectLink control switches and OpenADR protocol, the system relies on customer broadband connections to enable the robust information exchange required to deploy successful two-way demand response programs.

Fort Collins Utilities serves a city of about 148,000 residents with 65,000 electric and 34,000 water meters. The new Comverge demand response program, which is part of the Advanced Meter Fort Collins project, will help Fort Collins Utilities achieve the community’s energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Comverge will deploy IntelliSOURCE, a powerful enterprise software platform that automates the lifecycle of a demand response program. Fort Collins Utilities will use IntelliSOURCE for program management; load and load reduction forecasting; event dispatch; post-event management; customer enrollment and provisioning and commissioning and management of devices over broadband and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) communications. Fort Collins customers will be able to manage their participation in the program and remotely control their thermostats via a customer portal on either a desktop or mobile device.

The Comverge solution allows Fort Collins Utilities to fully automate its demand response program and achieve rapid, predictable results when called upon. The hardware devices will use customer Wi-Fi connections to enable a rapid two-way information exchange.

The “always on” DirectLink hardware solutions improve demand response programs by more precisely forecasting load drop available for a control event, monitoring the actual performance of connected devices and load drop during an event, and enabling real-time adjustments to the control strategy.

Once the hardware implementations are complete, Fort Collins Utilities and Comverge will implement the new IntelliSOURCE advanced applications for demand management optimization. These applications enable greater precision with load forecasting, as well as incorporate customer purchased hardware devices. Fort Collins will then use the system to more accurately capture the peak hour of the year; run events of greater value to Platte River Power Authority (PRPA), the generation utility; and also enable Fort Collins and PRPA to use the load to participate in potential energy markets.

Fort Collins also selected IntelliSUPPORT, Comverge’s installation and customer care services, to deploy the hardware devices.

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