Genalta Power to build 22 MW power plant

Genalta Power Inc. finalized a multi-year power purchase agreement with Husky Energy. The project is forecast to be commissioned in 2015.

The goal of the project is to produce 18 MW of baseload electricity by maximizing benefits from an existing gas field. The project will reduce operating costs for Husky and includes an environmentally sustainable waste heat initiative designed to generate 2 MW of the 18 MW of base load electricity.

An additional 4 MW is planned for peak load electricity generation for a project total of 22 MW, including both base and peak load electricity.

Located at Husky’s Muskwa plant east of its Cadotte facilities, the project has been designed to the exact site conditions using a combination of technologies that will produce power to feed directly into the Alberta power grid, while also producing greenhouse gas offset credits through a reduction in emissions.

The waste heat initiative has been selected to receive a $4.9 million grant from the Climate Change Emissions Management Corp. as it will lower the overall carbon footprint of power generation, deploy new technologies and be replicable among many declining gas fields throughout the province of Alberta.

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